Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I'm Pamela Fox, Product Engineer at Coursera, and This Is How I Work

The easiest way to explain what Pamela Fox does is this: she makes really cool stuff. As a product engineer at Coursera, Pamela and her colleagues are leading the charge to bring world-class university-level education online and free for everyone. As she explains it, "I joined Coursera because I love their mission, and also because there is so much more experimentation to be done in the world of online education. I'd like to be on the frontlines when that happens." In her freetime, Pamela works on a mindboggling number of side projects, including EatDifferent (a nutrition tracking tool), QuizCards (a series of Chrome extensions focused on geography and language), and Profane Game (a game that encourages you to swear as much as possible). We caught up with Pamela to find out her best life hacks, favorite gadgets, and more.

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